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In my previous post i was writing about fl studio 11 and how to download it, what are the available options if you would like to download it for free. Then i linked you to a website called "". i just want to say that they are completly legit. Its been a while since iam using them( the owner previously had a big forum related to music production softwares) and never had any problem with the downloads.

if you have any questions regardin fl studio 11 crack or how to install it ,feel free to message him iam sure he will get back to you as soon as possible, alternatively you can message me too, but my time is limited!If you would like to download fl studio 11 for free, then go back to my previous post and click on the link, i hope it helps guys.

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Published on January 12 2016

Fl Studio 11 free download

Fl studio 11 free download is what many are looking for. Even if its not the latest version its more stable than fruity loops studio 12. When you see the beautiful and gorgeous FL Studio 11, you will change your mind about appearances. The vector based user interface is very appealing and inviting – the user would want to use the software! The resolution is very clear and graphics are extremely crisp. This makes for a much easier and friendlier experience. It is not only the vividness of the interface that has stolen hearts but also the fact that you can customize and vamp it up according to your choices. In other words, you have control over what elements will be shown in the mixer.

The software supports multi touch display technology and this is totally awesome for those who like to tap the screen instead of using a pointer device. Tablet users can rejoice in this kind of support and also proves to be a very helpful feature. FL's mixer fully supports this amazing functionality. The most basic version of FL Studio 11 can handle full audio tracking, arrangement, composition, and editing. Programmers would love to know that MIDI sequencing and programming is also possible and very deep with FL Studio 11.

The Channel Rack is the name of the window that holds the overview of Instruments, Samplers and Internal Generator channels being used in a project. It is possible to manually switch between Piano Roll preview and Step Sequencer views – the user decides what they would like. Notes which are programmed into the Step Sequencer get updated in the Piano Roll of that channel automatically, which allows for a deeper editing in the latter without taking the pain of copying from the former and pasting it to the latter. The Piano rolls allows the user to edit “Ghost Notes” which are the notes of other channels shown in the background. This is definitely a very friendly and aesthetic user interface.

There is one thing that definitely holds the Digital Audio Workstation back – the fact that you cannot set up the plug-in menu once the program has been installed. In other words, it is possible to install plug-ins but only when you are installing the software. This is not flexible at all and users would feel betrayed if they want to add something cool to their program but can't do it because the program doesn't allow it. In many situations, user would not require to get other third party plug-ins later, but adding the functionality would not hurt.

Another thing that stands against this software is that it is not available for Mac. There are many users of iPad who would love to use this software but it is not possible. Thus, they lose market which would have been used by Mac users if the developers would have tried to cater to their needs. Also, if you do not own a touch screen device, you are in for some disappointment as they would be missing out on some awesome flexibility.

Things you need if you choose the download a pirated version:

  • Fl Studio 11 crack
  • FL Studio serial number

UPDATE: Fl Studio 11 free download mac version is already available!

There are many websites offer FL Studio 11 free download option for those who are not willing to pay for the original version. When you download it make sure it comes with Fl Studio 11 crack and serial number. Without them the software can not be activated and you downloaded a software what can not actually use. If you guys are interested I can point you to the right direction, there are some safe and completely free websites wich offers fl studio 11 free download without surveys or any other hidden bullshit. Drop me a message if you need the link!

edit: I already linked that website. Just click on the fl studio 11 free download link and you will be redirected.

Fl Studio 11 free download

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Published on January 6 2016

Spectrasonic Omnisphere download

Spectrasonic Omnisphere download is something what many people are looking for, but 99% of the websites offers is without Omnisphere 2 crack. Omnisphere vst is a software synthesizer that has some truly amazing capabilities. From its friendly and well laid interface to powerful options and flexibility, it is a cutting edge synth software that has some remarkably impressive qualities which users will definitely love and adore. The music community tends to be specific about its requirements, and when it comes to a software synthesizer, most of them are clear about what they need. Omnisphere vst by Spectrasonic has all of the most popularly wanted qualities and more. It is ambitious and it is powerful which has explored numerous depths of music production.

  • The interface and engine – Run on Spectrasonic's all new Steam engine, Omnisphere plugin has a very intuitive design and many programmable aspects which are present subtly so as not to intimidate the beginners. The very intelligent arrangement will comfort the new user by making the frequently used controls more visible and delight the more experienced users by subtly placing some of the most powerful editing options.
  • System requirements – There is one drawback to Omnisphere and it cannot be run as a single stand alone instrument on your system. Therefore, you need a VST or Virtual Studio Technology host. A number of inexpensive VST hosts are available and can be used for this software. Also, the software runs on Mac OS 10.4.9 and above and Windows XP or Vista. The minimum RAM requirement is 2 GB and 50 GB of hard disk space is also something necessary for the samples. Spectrasonic suggests that a Mac device should have a processor with speed 2 GHz and a PC with a processor speed of at least 3 GHz.
  • Analyzing the sound – Sound generation in Omnisphere is amazing and very fulfilling. It houses an enormous collection of 2740 multiple sounds which serve as sample sources for the user's own creations. These prove to be extremely helpful and surprisingly high enough in the quality for professional usage. In addition to these samples, there are hundreds of complex, evolving textures, beds and atmospheric sound effects. These effects range from calm and composed tunes to violent compositions with a more powerful sound. The collection is beautiful and has numerous exotic effects to boast about – they are all very rich and definitely worth exploring.
  • Synth specifications – Omnisphere offers synthesis facilities that a programmer would love. The synth software allows the user to creatively play with the sounds of the oscillators by activating ring modulation and frequency modulation. A wave shaper is also offered to distort the waveforms and create some unique sounds for music production. These tools don't even represent the tip of the iceberg – there is so much more that needs to be explored when you choose to download Spectrasonic Omnisphere.

The software is a full fledged synth software with deep programming facilities. It also has an enormous and diverse sample music library which is very interesting and impressive. Its richness is why you should buy it, but if you are short of money then Omnisphere download is your only option. Whatever source you choose make sure it comes with Omnisphere crack. Later if you could make some money with it, purchase the plugin to support the developer guys.

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